Personalization Guide

What is Personalization:

Personalize your accessory with your name, initials, saying / phrase and, or emoji – make it exactly how you want it.  Make It Your Own. Personalized as you like, and delivered to your door.

PCD. offers the first four letters for free for personalization and thereafter its R15 a letter.

What colour’s can I personalize in?

Customers can emboss in Gold, silver and blind emboss (meaning an indentation in the leather leaving no colour)

We suggest to customers to match the color of the embossing with the colour of the hardware.

Choose your personalization:


Two letters:

Ideal for those who want to keep it simple.

Don’t have a middle man: (Chelsea Hart) CH

Three letters:

This is more of a traditional style.

Ideal for those individuals that have a middle man

Michelle Margaret Clarke: (MMC)

Full name/phase / Saying and, or Emoji:  



Worlds Best Mom



The perfect way to add a little character to your customization.

24pt Font


PCD. offers the first four letters for free for personalization and thereafter its R15 a letter.

Personalization font size:

We offer 2 font sizes 24pt and 36pt. 24pt is a more subtle look and is perfect for small items (luggage tags, small pouch bags, wallets)

36pt looks great on larger items (handbags, clutches and perfect for phone covers)

How to look after you personalized item:

Delicately crafted and personalized individually by our artisans, every piece is unique.

Keep the product clean by using a damp cloth and ensure that the product is not in contact with water, oil, body sweat, cosmetics or other chemicals. Excessive rubbing against other surfaces may also cause damage to the leather and personalized item.

Personalization fading with time:

If your personalization is fading with time due to wear and tear or metal letters are no longer sitting securely. please feel free to contact us on to arrange to send your piece back to us where we will re-emboss free of charge.  Courier to our office will be at your own expense and we will ship back to your requested location free of charge.  

Otherwise, you can come into our pop-up stores during agreed upon dates / times times to have your item re-embossed free of charge.


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